Clinical decisions

By transforming imaging data onto actionable biomarkers, BrainTale liaises white matter integrity with physiology and pathophysiology with BrainQuant biomarkers and BrainScores. BrainScore-coma enables prognostication of comatose patients.


BrainQuant is a software module of BrainTale-care medical device for the automatic processing of brain diffusion magnetic resonance images and the provision of the diffusion regional standardized parameters. BrainQuant is intended to provide the physician with regional standardized parameters from brain diffusion MRI data. The use of BrainQuant can by no means replace a diagnosis by a licensed and competent physician nor constitute medical advice or diagnosis which can only be obtained from a physician. The physician bears the sole responsibility for the diagnosis. The calculated parameters cannot be used without medical advice from a licensed physician with competent knowledge.


BrainScore-coma is the one and only clinically validated prognosis scoring for comatose patients after cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury.

Learn more about BrainScore coma on the dedicated page.

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Last update : 09/19/2022