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BrainTale is a medtech spin-off from Paris Hospital specialist in white matter, a long-underestimated area of ​​interest in neurosciences.

The company offers its users – doctors, university hospitals and partners in the health sector – a platform of unique digital biomarkers, which can be employed in daily practice. Biomarkers are derived from magnetic resonance imaging, non-invasive measurements providing sensitive and reliable assessments of white matter alterations. Objective: establish a new standard for measuring the brain that is both relevant and useful for patients, doctors, researchers, and commercial players developing treatments.

Supporting clinical decision-making, these data are decisive for neurology and intensive care management using clinically validated predictive solutions.

BrainTale allows the identification of patients at risk, early diagnosis, follow-up of disease progression and effectiveness of treatments in neurology, in particular for demyelinating diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease) or trauma brain injury.

BrainTale care platform

The BrainTale care platform provides several analysis modules:

  1. BrainQuant module, which allows the processing of brain diffusion MRI images uploaded on the digital platform and the provision of the diffusion regional standardized parameters;
  2. BrainScore coma module for the provision of a neurologic prediction score in selected target populations (first patient population was comatose patients after cardiac arrest and brain trauma injury) based on diffusion regional standardized parameters from brain diffusion MRI images provided by brainQuant.
  3. braIndexes module for the provision of an index of myelin integrity derived from regional standardized parameters provided by brainQuant, which is of particular interest for selected patient populations (e.g., patients with adrenoleukodytrophy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

Access to the information provided by BrainQuant improves the disease monitoring, the patient qualification and the clinical decision-making.

BrainTale-care is a Software as a Service (SaaS) as a medical device. It consists in a web application accessible via a secure web-interface deployed on a distant server hosted in a qualified provider which is HDS (Health Data Host) and ISO 27001 standard certified to host Personal Health Information (PHI), and a calculation server interacting with de-identified data.

BrainTale-care platform has been developed in the MDR framework to fill with requirements of class IIa medical device. Its module brainQuant is CE-marked class I according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE. BrainTale is certified ISO13485:2016 since March 2020 (certificate MD173454).




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To turn diffusion MRI onto actionable biomarkers.

  • MRI exam gives a final report easy to interpret, independent of MRI acquisition conditions and quality controlled (no artifact or inappropriate conclusion)
  • Our partner AZnetwork host our healthcare date
    and certified ISO 27001
  • Our partner Ikoula provides data computing and data storage

In addition our management system is certified ISO 13485:2016, the protection of our hosted data is guaranteed (GDPR) and finally the European Commission attests to our clinical performance and cybersecuity to high standards.


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Normalized quantitative marker measurement of white
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BrainQuant is a software module of BrainTale-care medical device for the automatic processing of brain diffusion magnetic resonance images and the provision of the diffusion regional standardized parameters. BrainQuant is intended to provide the physician with regional standardized parameters from brain diffusion MRI data. The use of BrainQuant can by no means replace a diagnosis by a licensed and competent physician nor constitute medical advice or diagnosis which can only be obtained from a physician. The physician bears the sole responsibility for the diagnosis. The calculated parameters cannot be used without medical advice from a licensed physician with competent knowledge.

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BrainScore-coma is a software module of BrainTale-care platform for the provision of a neurologic prediction score related to comatose patient outcome based on diffusion regional standardized parameters from brain diffusion MRI images obtained from brainQuant. The brainScore-coma is intended to provide the physician with a neurological prediction score for comatose patients’ persisting unconsciousness (defined as the inability to obey verbal commands not attributed to sedation or aphasia) on day 7 for cardiac arrest patient and on day 5 for head trauma patients.

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