Key features of our product BrainQuant

  • All standard DTI biomarkers (FA, MD, AD, RD) provided both at global and regional level, based on standard brain atlases
  • All biomarkers are standardized to normative reference data: Patient’s DTI markers are compared to values in normal population, based on a cohort of 165 controls.
  • Longitudinal monitoring: Monitor changes in global and regional DTI markers across all MRIs of the patient in a single report
  • Visualization of data through charts, regional maps and videos
  • Non-invasive and painless

How does it work?

brainQuant is a module accessible via our platform brainTale-care, a secured web platform used in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). No software installation on the center’s hardware is required to use brainQuant.

General description

brainQuant is a module of brainTale-care platform, a medical device software accessible in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). brainQuant allows the processing of brain diffusion Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) uploaded on brainTale-care and the provision of the diffusion regional standardized parameters. The results can be viewed and/or downloaded from brainTale-care in the form of graphics, images, videos and reports in pdf format.
brainQuant is intended to be used for adults older than 18 years for whom a magnetic resonance imaging scan is ordered for brain evaluation.
The calculated parameters may only be used by a physician trained in the use of brainQuant and remain under the responsibility of the user physician.


Clinical warnings

The use of brainQuant module can by no means replace a diagnosis by a licensed and competent physician, nor constitute medical advice or a diagnosis, which can only be obtained from a physician. The physician bears the sole responsibility for the diagnosis. The calculated parameters are subject to variability and cannot be used without medical advice from a licensed and competent physician.
brainQuant is intended to be used for adult subjects (> 18-year-old) as the brain atlases used for processing the MRI have been designed based on adult brains


Performance characteristics

The brainQuant medical device is characterized by the following performances:

  • Have a coefficient of variation in test-retest repeatability of the diffusion outcome parameters inferior to 10%,
  • Have a coefficient of variation in reproducibility across MRI scanners of the diffusion outcome parameters inferior to 15%.


GOLSE, Marianne, WEINHOFER, Isabelle, BLANCO, Bernardo, et al. Leriglitazone halts disease progression in adult patients with early cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy. Brain, 2024, p. awae169.


Legal disclaimers
  • BRAINTALE, whose head office is 11 rue de l’Académie 67000 – STRASBOURG, is registered with the Trade and Companies Register under number 840 995 138 RCS STRASBOURG
  • Manufacturer address: 140 rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris
  • BrainTale-care is a Class IIa medical device
  • Notified body : BSI Netherlands 2797
  • This information deals with brainTale-care platform and modules (brainQuant and brainScore-coma). We invite you to read carefully the instructions for use and the label.
  • BrainTale-care is not reimbursed by social security.
  • BrainTale is ISO 13485 certified company


Last update : 09/07/2024