Braintale’s speeches in 2023


2023 was rich in discussions for Braintale: from collaborations to pathologies in neurology, from podcasts to conferences, Braintale was visible at every level! We invite you to (re)experience his various interventions through our LinkedIn publications:


March 2023

Vincent Perbarg, Braintale’s Scientific Director, presented the results of our biomarker platform at the ADPD congress on March 29, 2023:


June 2023

Braintale is the winner of the Fondation Force’s call for projects. Dorothée Uriet, Braintale’s former Regulatory Director, was in Strasbourg to speak at the awards ceremony on June 13, 2023:


Pr. Louis Puybasset, scientific advisor for Braintale, took part in the Réanimation congress on June 14 and 15, 2023 to present Braintale’s solution for coma patients:


On June 20, 2023, Braintale announced that its 4.5 million euros fundraising. Following this announcement, Madyness wanted to write an article featuring Julie Rachline, CEO of Braintale:

On June 22, 2023, Dipeeo organized a webinar on healthcare data. Our former regulatory director, Dorothée Uriet, shared her experience:


July 2023

Vincent Perlbarg, Braintale’s Scientific Director, presented our research results concerning Parkinson’s disease at the EAN and World Parkinson Congress on July 4 and 6, 2023:


Braintale has co-organized with its partner Effik the symposium on ALS disease at the ENCALS congress on July 12, 2023:


August 2023

Prof. Rajiv Gupta, Braintale’s scientific advisor, presented a poster on Braintale biomarkers at the ENRS congress on August 25, 2023:


October 2023

Braintale is a committed player in the ALS disease. October 13, 2023, we invited the whole Braintale team, our shareholders and EFFIK to attend a private screening of Invincible Eté about Olivier Goy, while suffering from ALS:


On October 19, 2023, Effik, in collaboration with Braintale, wanted to revive the ENCALS symposium from July 2023:

Braintale was invited on October 27, 2023 to participate in the roundtable about European Charter for Responsible Development of Neurotechnologies at Brain Innovation Days:


November 2023

La Banque Postale organized the « Trophées de l’innovation 2023 », and Braintale won the « Coup de Cœur » prize. Julie Rachline, CEO of Braintale, represented the company during the awards ceremony on November 7, 2023:


MACSF invited Julie Rachline, CEO of Braintale, to participate in an episode on the brain of its podcast “Ca ira mieux demain”:


On November 17, Julie Rachline was invited to take part in Bsmart’s Smart Bourse program:


Braintale was invited on November 22, 2023 on the mainstage of AI For Health Summit to share the brain biomarker perspectives during the 6th edition:


The Trinational Health Tech Days were held on November 23 and 24, and Braintale CEO Julie Rachline took part in a round table discussion:


The France Biotech ALS Task Force invited BrainTale on November 29, 2023 represented by Arthur BEZIE, neurology product manager, to discuss the role of biomarkers in clinical routine and research during the Colloque “SLA & maladies du motoneurone : quelles pistes pour demain?”:

Ready for 2024, with great upcoming data, demonstration – stay tuned!